Cummins RS20A - NG/LP - Cold Weather Spec (A054B984 fact. Instl)


Cummins Quiet Connect 20kW Home Standby Generator supplies your entire home during an outage. Requires a Cummins Onan Automatic Transfer Switch (sold separately.)

The Cummins RS20A home standby generator connects permanently to your house through an automatic transfer switch and the natural gas or propane supply. It monitors the power company distribution lines 24/7, then automatically starts and runs when it detects an outage and continues to run until the utility restores power.


  • Cummins Quiet Connect 20kW Home Standby Generator RS20A.
  • Starts and runs a 5-ton A/C with a full household load
  • Intelligent Load Management for up to 4 central air conditioners
  • Remote Monitoring and Operation via the Cloud Connect Smartphone App
  • Rated for installation as close as 18-inch to the home
  • Extremely Quiet Operation—65 dB or less
  • Operates at 0 degrees out of the box. Cold weather kits extend operation well below zero
  • No-Start Flexible Exercise setup to suit owner preferences

Cummins Quiet Connect 20kW Home Standby Generator - NG/LP - Cold Weather Spec

SKU: A062E512
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