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Electrical Contractor

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Power Generators

Have the peace of mind that when there is a power outage you will be covered. We have the generator that is perfect for your needs whether it is your home, cottage or place of work.

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  • Mining

    We specialize in surface and underground electrical installations as per customer specification in the mining sector as well as Hosting Plants.

  • Industrial Services

    Offering “on loan” and “shut down” contracts tailored to suit your needs.

  • Commercial Services

    From new construction, to renovations, or large lighting retrofits to save you money, we can do it all.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Finding problems before they are visible reduces expensive damage and avoids costly down time, equipment damage and potential safety issues.

  • Residential Services

    Years of experience with custom home wiring, home automation, alternate energy and pot light installations.

Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is one of our most successful innovations and is an excellent adaptable method of cleaning anything that should not be exposed to water, as well as very fragile and/or soft surfaces, and dirty or even highly corroded industrial equipment. It is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


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Things we've worked on.



M.G Industries is a licensed electrical contractor specializing in Industrial , Residential and Commercial projects in Northern Ontario. Our dedicated team is experienced in the repair, maintenance and installation of electrical systems, low voltage structural wiring & generator installations and services .

Our team can perform a variety of electrical related repairs and additions to your existing electrical system or create a new system for a new construction project.

M.G Industries is dedicated to providing our customers with the latest in electrical trends and technology at reasonable rates. We offer exceptional value and professional service, ensuring that all electrical repairs and installation comply with the most recent safety code guidelines.

We are available to answer all your electrical question; call M.G Industries to speak to one of our experienced electrical specialists.



164 Renison Ave,

Timmins, Ontario

P0N 1K0


Tel: 705-221-8188

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